From Building Waste to Building Gardens Awarded Distinguished Industry Prize

Every third year, the prestigious INOVYN Awards are held at Düsseldorf, Germany. INYVON Awards is a global competition in which a wide range of PVC-related innovation ideas compete for prizes. In 2016, From Building Waste to Building Gardens won a special award in the sustainability category.

The architect, Maja Sønderskov, who presented the project, describes that “the whole concept of reusing before producing anew is an important way towards sustainability.”

“PVC materials,” she says, “are widely used in construction, and the disposal of building waste is a growing challenge that we have to deal with. The project addresses the issue of globalization and population growth from a low-tech perspective. The initiative is aimed at both private and municipal actors, an important step on the path towards a sustainable future. When we examine the possibilities of reusing waste in urban agriculture, we focus on establishing links that were otherwise missing between PVC waste and the local communities, which today lack the opportunities to cultivate their own crops in an urban environment, hereby increasing their mental and physical health and connecting them with nature.”

In the motivation for awarding a prize to From Building Waste to Building Gardens, Dr. Martin Baitz, director of Thinkstep AP and leading member of Life Cycle Initiative under UN’s Environmental Program, UNEP, as well as representative of the jury, emphasized the simplicity of project:

“What fascinated us about the project was the smart recycling opportunities, which require minimal effort from those involved. The project is suitable for low-income groups and shows that sustainability is something that must also take place on the local level.”