A cargo bike is useful when you build a garden

In addition to the fact that the PVC construction materials are perfect for water and long lasting, they are also lightweight and therefore very easy to transport from one place to another. The most climate-friendly mode of transport is of course a cargo bike. In the project From Building Waste to Building Gardens we therefore use the cargo bike as our preferred means of transportation when the waste is to be moved from the recycling station to the different places where it will be used in the urban gardens.

Projektassistent Marianne Mikkelsen on her way on the cargo bike with PVC-building waste
The cargo bike is the perfect means of transportation with the different kind og building waste product have to be moved from the recycling center to the different to the urban gardens.
Marianne Mikkelsen’s cargo bike promotes the project,. It is easy to transform a piece of PVC-pipe to a flowerpot that grabs attention in the city.