About the project

From Building Waste to Building Gardens is a project supported by VinylPlus®, the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment to sustainable development. In the project we develop and test urban agriculture systems with reused PVC building waste. Project manager is architect Maja Sønderskov and assistant is Marianne Mikkelsen. The PVC Information Council DK is also affiliated with the project with director Ole Grøndahl Hansen and communication consultant Tobias Johnsen. However it is the volunteers who cultivate and water the plants on the various hubs around the City of Aarhus that make it all run. Our partners include Samskab Aarhus, Gallo Gartneriet, GroSelv and Skraldecafeen.

Project Leader Maja Sønderskov, sitting, and Assistant Marianne Mikkelsen.
Ole Grøndahl Hansen, PVC Information Council Demmark.
Tobias Johnsen, PVC Information Council Denmark and VinylPlus.